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Mar 12 2018
An explosion of freshness and colorswith lively and enveloping intensity that makes us long for the arrival of the warm season! The Spring/Summer 2018 LIZALU’ Collection boasts many fascinating and feminine nuances that emphasize asymmetric lengths and soft silhouettes, strong and resolute clothing for the most daring and modern women.
Jan 31 2018

Valentine's Day Special!

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ROMANTIC IDEAS & ESCAPES - Romantic journeys looking for inspiration Whether you are ready or not to celebrate it, February 14 is on the horizon and the calendar is ready to remind you, so how will you celebrate? And above all, where will you be with your better half?
Jan 31 2018


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Because cooking is good and satisfies heart, head and ... palate! Cooking is an art, a pleasure to be shared and absolutely priceless.
Jan 16 2018

Quanto costa regalare un sorriso?

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Quanto costa regalare un sorriso? È questo che si è chiesto l’imprenditore Michele Carillo quando il Dottor Agostino Ambrosio, quasi per scherzo gli chiede di portare lui stesso un sorriso ai quei bambini che da anni lo conoscono solo attraverso i suoi regali.
Dec 19 2017

The Lizalù horoscope: 2018 Body Positivity

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Did you know that every zodiac sign has its own character and, as a result, it engenders a particular style? 2018 will be body positivity for each zodiac sign, prepared to face in the best way the challenges that the new year reserves for all of us.
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