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Sep 27 2018
The Lizalù collection is a tribute to the ‘70s. If there is a decade that still today continues to influence the style of society and dictate 'rules' of fashion, it is that of the ‘70s. It is recognizable and identifiable: the Doors and Pink Floyd were on the radio, Happy Days was on TV and you traveled around the world hitchhiking; the years of disco music, of Studio 54, when the colors of the TV were reflected in art, fashion and design.
Jul 17 2018

Cibi da evitare in spiaggia

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Dear curvy friends, we are now in the middle of the summer and the long days on the beach are really the only thing we want to hear about. However, with the high temperatures and the scorching sun, there are a few small precautions you should take for the well-being of your health, such as keeping yourself hydrated, not exposing yourself too much to the scorching sun during the peakhours of heat and, above all, avoiding certain kinds of food.
Jul 04 2018
Choosing the destination for your summer holiday is never easy. There are always so many options to choose from and often, we prefer foreign destinations like Greece, Spain or Croatia without ever dwelling on what our beautiful country offers.
Jun 04 2018
Here are some tips for choosing the right swimsuit for you. The swimsuit test is one of the most difficult tests to face with the arrival of summer.
May 15 2018
Each zodiac sign is a stand-alone mother, each sign has its own characteristic and lives its motherhood in its own way. Let's discover together how every woman reacts to the miracle of life.
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