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Mar 04 2019
Today we want you to discover the best modern products and the ancient secrets for regenerating your skin when you remove your make-up, since the beauty of a woman is seen also and above all by how she takes care of her face.
Feb 06 2019
It's already been more than a month since New Year's Eve and the celebrations for the beginning of the new year, and every one of us certainly wrote a list of the good intentions
Jan 30 2019
Men like curvy women for 6 reasons as we explained in this article and certainly they are very attentive to the appearance of every woman: One of the parts of the body on which the male eyes fall most are the hands and for this reason the manicure is really important to curvy women.
Dec 20 2018
Holidays are the best time to talk about curvy fashion.
Dec 03 2018
Christmas is certainly the most beautiful and magical time of the year, but it is hard to think of gifts for friends and relatives.
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