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Mar 24 2016

Women's lifestyle in Milan

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Special places in the city to celebrate femininity A cool metropolis always at the forefront, Milan offers places where stylish women can have fun with their friends and parade their coolest outfits.
Mar 11 2016

Spring preview

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Not-to-miss trends of the upcoming season Sea, sun, fluttering dresses, sandals, denim jackets and – above all – sun tanning: women can’t wait for the warm season’s arrival to renew their wardrobe, bringing to it a breath of fresh air and colorful flair.
Feb 22 2016

Avocado - What passion!

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We could call avocado a powerfully beneficial and delicious super fruit. Perhaps our travelling ladies may have tasted it during a trip to the Caribbean, with salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, or as the ever-present guacamole salsa for spicy nacho dipping to accompany a delicious pre-meal cocktail.
Feb 10 2016
The world’s best known doll changes her looks and, for the first time in history, does so in tune with feminine beauty’s canons: 33 new dolls available in different skin tones, 22 distinct eye colors, 24 hair styles and colors, in addition to a variety of heights and silhouettes, curvy ones included.
Feb 04 2016

The charm of curves in stardom

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Softly feminine, proudly seductive. 2016 begins with surprising news for all women who declared war on the scale: super skinny gals step aside, as of today the Miss Beautiful and Desirable crown goes to curvy women!
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