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Jun 13 2016

Waiting for the summer

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Women’s beauty in a haircut Seasonal change always marks a turning point: the sun brightens each day, our skin assumes an amber tone, we feel good and care-free... .as we prepare for intense summer emotions.
May 23 2016

Wear perfume where you would like to be hugged

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For women who like to follow the advice of the unforgettable Coco Chanel, we reveal secrets to choose the right perfume. Each perfume has a different identity based upon those who wear it. It is profoundly intimate because it wraps itself around personal scents, defining its distinctive trait, which lingers around even when we walk away.
May 12 2016

Spring Bag Issue

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Cult bags for Spring/Summer 2016 The accessories for the new season evoke vintage suggestions and not-to-be-missed trends dedicated to all fashionistas committed to fashion’s many facets.
Apr 26 2016

Make Up Short guide

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How to be beautiful without excesses…and without oooops! To put make up on is a true art, and only a few women can skilfully use brushes, lipsticks and colours.
Apr 07 2016

Home & Shopping

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From the comfort of your chair, 24/7 At a time when speed reigns supreme and free time is a precious commodity, shopping is becoming a luxury. To compensate for lack of window shopping, Internet provides a lifeline to demanding and multi-tasking women like us whose to-do list grows longer than ever.
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