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Oct 28 2016

fall/winter 2016/2017 make up trends

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Eye shadows, lip glosses & painted nails: small secrets for your winter beauty case Ultra-feminine nuances, bright colors in the name of seduction, bronzing powders and iridescent shades: the make-up for the 2017 winter is full of sparkling and intense light to brighten your complexion and add shine to your face.
Oct 20 2016

Fall weekend: Barcelona

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For the untiring globetrotters always on the go, we propose a full immersion in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world. Architecture, food, fashion, style, music and fun: Barcelona is buzzing energy, an engaging blend of thousands of different elements harmoniously combined with each other like magnets to attract and awaken enthusiasm and desire to travel, better yet with your friends.
Sep 30 2016

New FW 16/17 Trends

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For a more glamorous winter than you’ve ever experienced before, flaunt your inner lady: You’re gorgeous; love yourself! Aperitifs on the beach, sunset-dappled waves and that light-hearted, worry-free feeling are a fading memory, crowded out by the daily rush, to-do lists and - yes - the chaos of city life. Back down to real life with a thud. And yet autumn ushers in an unmissable date for fashion-lovers: the latest FW16/17 trends, just waiting
Jul 27 2016

Summer Food

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For a magnificent, fresh …. and tasty summer! It’s useless to lie: eating is one of life’s best pleasures. Fulfilling, engaging and pleasant, especially if shared with friends, partner and family, in the middle of summer, in one’s favorite place.
Jul 04 2016

A long weekend in Madrid

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Special addresses for women’s shopping Just like in Thelma & Louise, a mini-vacation with your best friend seems a wonderful idea.
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