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Apr 14 2017

Happy Easter Fashion!

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Dazzling and super glamorous: the best outfits for Easter A splash in crystal-clear ocean waters, surrounded by tropical plants and vibrant exotic flowers: the Spring/Summer 2017 Lizalù collection gets intoxicated with vivid hues, multicolored patterns, and warm and relaxing flairs that inspire new horizons to explore.
Apr 03 2017

Ageless Haircuts

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Spring Trends with Brush Strokes Whether you just blow-dry, cut or color your hair, women love to take care of their hair, better yet if they entrust their hair care to the expert and precious hands of their favorite hair stylist.
Feb 13 2017

14 February in love

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Celebrating love: great ideas for two With reminders, sticky notes, and highlighted lines in your day planner you just cannot forget it: Valentine’s Day is on its way, and whether you admit it or not, it is always wonderful to carve out some time off for two and celebrate love.
Feb 06 2017

Food & Beauty

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I cibi più buoni per essere sempre più belle Creme leviganti, rimpolpanti, maschere tonificanti, gommage e peeling purificanti, senza contare massaggi, aiutini estetici e detox intensivi per riacquistare luminosità ed aspetto bonne-mine, ossia quell’effetto radioso conseguente ad una rilassante dormita di otto ore filate.
Dec 27 2016

Feng Shui: consigli esclusivi per arredare casa

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Creating comfort and pleasant environments in your home is today an absolute must. Like impeccable interiordesigners,women are insanely in love with shopping for home decor items andindulge in the search of unconventional details and elements that can brighten up and engendered a new ambiance every time.
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