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Jul 27 2017
Qual è il summer look delle ragazze curvy? Ecco alcuni suggerimenti per trovare i tagli e le forme dello stile perfetto per voi.
Jun 09 2017


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By now it can no longer be denied: curvy women are liked more! By swaying their soft and provocative hips, curvy women appear fascinating, intriguing and sensual simply because they are enlightened by true beauty, that type of beauty envied by slender models who are on never ending (and pathetic…!) diets. Curvy women attract at first sight, to the point that each one of them is an explosion of glee, spontaneity and very strong sex appeal,
May 12 2017

Impeccabilmente Mamma!

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Fascinose, squisitamente esigenti, moderatamente modaiole e sempre al top. Ovunque e comunque, sono così perfette da far invidia a qualsiasi figlia nella speranza –chiaramente- che un giorno, presto o tardi, si possa almeno un pochino assomigliare a loro! Le mamme sono le vere eroine della vita, uniche, inimitabili e senza le quali nulla troverebbe spesso soluzione.
Apr 14 2017

Happy Easter Fashion!

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Dazzling and super glamorous: the best outfits for Easter A splash in crystal-clear ocean waters, surrounded by tropical plants and vibrant exotic flowers: the Spring/Summer 2017 Lizalù collection gets intoxicated with vivid hues, multicolored patterns, and warm and relaxing flairs that inspire new horizons to explore.
Apr 03 2017

Ageless Haircuts

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Spring Trends with Brush Strokes Whether you just blow-dry, cut or color your hair, women love to take care of their hair, better yet if they entrust their hair care to the expert and precious hands of their favorite hair stylist.
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