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Aug 05 2019
It is finally the middle of summer and we curvy women are ready to go to the beach, leaving our offices and workplaces to think only of ourselves and the holidays.
Jun 13 2019

Curvy fashion: It is no longer a taboo

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Negli ultimi anni abbiamo assistito alla rivincita della moda curvy, che finalmente è stata sdoganata anche dal fashion system con la comparsa sul mercato di brand curvy friendly o collezioni dedicate appositamente a chi ha qualche chilo in più.
Jun 11 2019
Arriva la bella stagione e con lei le prime gite fuori porta, ad esempio in campagna o alla scoperta delle città d’arte.
May 20 2019

Elegant Dresses and Outfits for the Curvy Woman

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May is the month of special occasions for us curvy women; it is certainly difficult to find dresses and outfits that can glamorize us to the best.
May 07 2019

Our Tricks to Glamorize a Curvy Body

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Do you want to glamorize a curvy body? First of all, remember that extra kilos are not a "problem", provided you know how to deal in style with what is considered a defect in our society or, at least, a feature that does not fit the traditional standards of beauty.
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