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Jun 13 2019

Curvy fashion: It is no longer a taboo

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Negli ultimi anni abbiamo assistito alla rivincita della moda curvy, che finalmente è stata sdoganata anche dal fashion system con la comparsa sul mercato di brand curvy friendly o collezioni dedicate appositamente a chi ha qualche chilo in più.
Jun 11 2019
Arriva la bella stagione e con lei le prime gite fuori porta, ad esempio in campagna o alla scoperta delle città d’arte.
May 20 2019

Elegant Dresses and Outfits for the Curvy Woman

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May is the month of special occasions for us curvy women; it is certainly difficult to find dresses and outfits that can glamorize us to the best.
May 07 2019

Our Tricks to Glamorize a Curvy Body

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Do you want to glamorize a curvy body? First of all, remember that extra kilos are not a "problem", provided you know how to deal in style with what is considered a defect in our society or, at least, a feature that does not fit the traditional standards of beauty.
May 06 2019

Curvy Fashion: Plus-size Formal Dresses

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Spring and summer are the seasons for weddings, and today we want to talk about elegant plus-size formal dresses, since you might think that finding your dream-dress for a ceremony is an impossible task.
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