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Jul 17 2018

Cibi da evitare in spiaggia

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Dear curvy friends, we are now in the middle of the summer and the long days on the beach are really the only thing we want to hear about. However, with the high temperatures and the scorching sun, there are a few small precautions you should take for the well-being of your health, such as keeping yourself hydrated, not exposing yourself too much to the scorching sun during the peakhours of heat and, above all, avoiding certain kinds of food.
Feb 06 2017

Food & Beauty

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I cibi più buoni per essere sempre più belle Creme leviganti, rimpolpanti, maschere tonificanti, gommage e peeling purificanti, senza contare massaggi, aiutini estetici e detox intensivi per riacquistare luminosità ed aspetto bonne-mine, ossia quell’effetto radioso conseguente ad una rilassante dormita di otto ore filate.
Feb 22 2016

Avocado - What passion!

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We could call avocado a powerfully beneficial and delicious super fruit. Perhaps our travelling ladies may have tasted it during a trip to the Caribbean, with salmon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, or as the ever-present guacamole salsa for spicy nacho dipping to accompany a delicious pre-meal cocktail.