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Aug 05 2019


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Being beautiful in the summer of 2019 means showing up with a “glow” nude make-up and with glowing skin, and make-up artists, such as Michele Magnani, Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics Italia, are sure of that: the current trend is the raw glow.
Mar 04 2019
Today we want you to discover the best modern products and the ancient secrets for regenerating your skin when you remove your make-up, since the beauty of a woman is seen also and above all by how she takes care of her face.
Nov 06 2018
For years sexy models, proud and beautiful such as Ashley Graham and Kate Upton, have exalted the qualities of curvy women, ending upon the covers of the most important fashion magazines.
Apr 16 2018
Hair: trends for Spring-Summer 2018 The novelties, the coloUrs and the most innovative tones of this 2018 are numerous, from bright tones to more natural ones, from hair layered just to the right point to make the ends curl at the tips, to beach-wavy hair, passing through those classic curly and straight hairstyles.
Apr 03 2017

Ageless Haircuts

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Spring Trends with Brush Strokes Whether you just blow-dry, cut or color your hair, women love to take care of their hair, better yet if they entrust their hair care to the expert and precious hands of their favorite hair stylist.
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