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Feb 06 2019
It's already been more than a month since New Year's Eve and the celebrations for the beginning of the new year, and every one of us certainly wrote a list of the good intentions
Nov 16 2017

Matcha's Incredible Power

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Belle dentro & fuori grazie alla bevanda del momento! Tutte ne parlano, tutte lo vogliono, tutte…o quasi lo bevono. Quali sono le portentose proprietà del the matcha?
Nov 28 2016

Winter is time for cuddling & relaxing

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Time off to relax and pamper oneself Super busy schedules, morning madness, appointments & never-ending to-do lists, and, again, commitments, shopping to complete and days in the name of super powers worthy of Wonder Woman: that’s how today’s women are, protagonists of a multi-tasking, hectic life and in search of constant balance between work - home – family & love.