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May 15 2018
Each zodiac sign is a stand-alone mother, each sign has its own characteristic and lives its motherhood in its own way. Let's discover together how every woman reacts to the miracle of life.
Jan 31 2018


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Because cooking is good and satisfies heart, head and ... palate! Cooking is an art, a pleasure to be shared and absolutely priceless.
Dec 19 2017

The Lizalù horoscope: 2018 Body Positivity

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Did you know that every zodiac sign has its own character and, as a result, it engenders a particular style? 2018 will be body positivity for each zodiac sign, prepared to face in the best way the challenges that the new year reserves for all of us.
Dec 27 2016

Lizalù Christmas Partywear

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The most beautiful looks to toast the Holidays With the arrival of December, the Christmas atmosphere is in every corner of the city: sparkling decorations, glowing store windows and suggestive ornaments, a jubilation of lights and colors that tickle excitement and – it’s known – the unbounded desire to shop for every bona fide fashion-addicted!
Jul 27 2016

Summer Food

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For a magnificent, fresh …. and tasty summer! It’s useless to lie: eating is one of life’s best pleasures. Fulfilling, engaging and pleasant, especially if shared with friends, partner and family, in the middle of summer, in one’s favorite place.
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