September: a month for challenge and restarting, even in fashion

September: a month for challenge and restarting, even in fashion

Everything restarts in September: back to work, back to school, and we surely change our wardrobe by storing our summer dresses and t-shirt and taking out of the closet shirts, pants, blazers and skirts more suitable to fall climate and first colds. So, let’s check out some tips on what to wear in September, a month for rebirth, new beginnings and new challenges.

Shoes, charms jewels and capsule collections fill the shelves including as regards the curvy fashion, without forgetting that September is the month when the Lizalù Fall/Winter New Collection is announced. Here is some sneak preview!

Shape of you: fall/winter fashion 2020 seen by Lizalù

Music has always been the soundtrack of every life, and in this new collection Lizalù has chosen to tell us about the woman who loves her own body and feels at ease in the world surrounding her by taking inspiration from the most famous song lyrics. Thanks to the garments proposed by Lizalù, everyone of us will be able to feel exclusive, cool and glamorous in every situation, free to show our own curves without any fear of our body.

Every item by Lizalù Fall/Winter Collection 2020 was born to enhance the softness of curves, so that we can go back to work and to school, getting ready for our free time wrapped in clothes that can really boost a curvy body. Let’s see some preview.

The Fall/Winter capsule 2020 combines unstructured shapes, warm tones and refined fabrics which inspire an escape to remote places met during the Summer: it also creates suggestions which lead the woman, at least in her imagination, away from any urban bustle. Great attention has been given to the materials of this fantastic, new collection: they just give a refined and precious aspect to fabrics, and have been designed to last over the Fall/Winter season 2019/2020.

Restarting in September: bring order to life…and to wardrobe

We usually make so many good resolutions in September, to hit the ground working and living our own life. Realizing them is certainly a great challenge, as it is working every day to achieve our goals, but we can start from a simple action: reorder our wardrobe, to get it ready to welcome the new, beautiful Lizalù items, designed for us curvy ladies.

Here is some advice to transform our wardrobe into a little private atelier, from which we can choose the garment that best suits our mood.

Foto: Dress F299YALAB606, Jacket F646YALG1287 | Blouse F774YAL1692 | Trousers F162YALC66113

Indeed, a real fashionista knows the importance to treat her clothes with love and care, as if she had an actual store at home: she would constantly keep it organized in order to find the most suitable dress even in the mornings when she feels more sleepy and tired. Here are Lizalù’s advice:

  1.   Organize clothes by category, rather than for color;

2.  Use clothes hangers of suitable color and shape, depending on their specific use for shirts, pants or dresses, in order to preserve the clothes and not to spoil them;

3. Sweaters and hoodies should be put in the drawers with the t-shirts, just hanging shirts, dresses and outerwear;

4. As well as for category, we suggest to organize clothes and accessories according to seasonality;

5. September is even the month to update your wardrobe: just keep the clothes you really wear, those which really fit your size and your body and remove those you haven’t worn for the last two seasons.

Now that your wardrobe is tidy, you should have clear ideas about how to renew it, flipping through fashion catalogues and the Lizalù Fall/Winter New Collection to spot the most suitable colors, shapes and types of clothes that really fit your curvy body, and get yourself ready to face a new fall season. Are you ready for some fashion shopping?!? Of course you are!!