All the enthusiasm and joy of summer 2019 is expressed in glitter, which makes gloss and glitter one of the trends for being attractive even under the sun or on warm summer evenings. The glitter makeup is bold, perfect for those who love to dare, and it reflects the light of the moonlight for a guaranteed sexy effect. Don't you know how to make a "full-glitter" makeup capable of putting your best side forward? Here are five ideas and secrets to make your friends envious!

Geometry, color and the wet effect for trendy makeup

The purple and water-blue glitter is perfect for light-colored eyes, especially when combined with geometric makeup, while dark eyes will be enhanced by the drama queen make-up, which combines the traditional smokey eyes with glitter for a real impact effect. We recommend you use this solution if you want to focus all the attention on your eyes, perhaps taking it away from your curvy body.

Another trend of summer 2019 is the use of the eyeliner combined with a glitter eye shadow, of the “now I see it, now I don't” effect, which stands out only in the light: a real sexy makeup, which will capture everyone's look at the sea as well as in the office.

Finally, those who love to make up their eyes in a more refined and delicate way will love wet effect glitter makeup, perfect for shining during summer dinners. How to do it? Use the eyeliner pencil with built-in glitter and then shade the makeup by applying wet-effect eye shadow using the appropriate makeup brushes.

And on the beach? Of course, here too, glitter with shades of the sea dominate, to be combined with swimsuits, accessories and hairstyles in the latest fashion. A real must for summer at the beach!

Not just eyes: brighten up your body with glitter

Glitter is not only the great protagonist of the 2019 summer makeup, but it also enhances the body by becoming a unique ingredient of iridescent creams and oils, capable of hiding any imperfection and making the skin glowing and velvety.

We all love to feel appreciated for our beautiful complexion and to see our glowing skin in the mirror; the online tutorials are very popular: those who come to mind are Meri, the makeup artist, or NikkiFrench's profile, both of whom talk about the illuminating body to a large number of followers. The goal? Make every woman's skin look natural and healthy, a true must for an authentic beauty that Jennifer Lopez is the embodiment of.

Few know, in fact, that glitter is not only the protagonist of eye makeup but can be used all over the body to obtain extraordinary light effects.

Nail glitter, the best polish for perfect hands

After the face and body, we could not fail to mention the beauty of colored glitter on the nails, capable of immediately making the hands super-attractive. You will find a really great number of proposals on the market, from the semi-permanent gel to the enamel, up to the free powder, and it takes truly just a little patience and a lot of creativity to turn yourself into real nail artists.

We women know well that the hands are the best weapon of seduction and the second place eyes fall after the face. And have you already filled up your beauty case with shiny products to make your summer glow? If so, tell us what you can't do without in your full glitter summer!

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