Ready to pack your bags? Some curvy fashion tips for you!

Ready to pack your bags? Some curvy fashion tips for you!

Warmer weather is not far away, and with it come the first trips out of town, for example to the countryside or to discover the cities of art. That's why in this post we want to talk about curvy travel fashion and give some useful advice to the curvy woman who is looking for a comfortable but trendy look.

Train, plane, car ... regardless of the means chosen to move about, the watchword is to be comfortable, and comfort comes also and above all from the outfit. First rule: ban stiletto heels and tight dresses, which are too awkward for carrying suitcases or getting on and off trains and planes. However, this does not mean giving up femininity, so loved by us women.

Those who love fashion know how important it is to always feel at ease, but in style just like the celebrities whose adventures we follow in the newspapers and who, even at the airport, seem to parade around as if they are on the catwalk. Do you want to imitate them? Here are some tips.

A floral look for a trip out of town

Are you planning to spend a weekend in the countryside? Then the perfect thing is a floral look with a classic floral V-neck t-shirt to match up with a pair of shorts or a denim skirt for a sporty style. And what about shoes? We recommend a pair of wooden clogs, or the traditional sports sneakers. You will be so comfortable and elegant, and you will amaze your partner and friends!


Photos: Shirt F707XAILIZAF214 | Jacket F299XAIGI300 | Trousers F299XAIP302, Blouse F453XAIT3058 | Jacket F299XAIGI316 | Trousers F299XAIP317

The tomboy look for a perfect trip

If you are thinking about comfort, do loose-fitting masculine clothes immediately come to mind? You're wrong, and the tomboy look is the perfect answer for those looking for a practical outfit, like a "bad girl", but one who is always cool.

A light dress that adapts to the mood of the holiday

If you are not at all a "bad girl", but rather you have a romantic spirit and your destination is the seaside, our advice is to focus on a loose and cool cotton dress. Even if you already have a few birthdays behind you, you will be able to show off a mischievous look and begin to anticipate the holidays immediately. Moreover, colourful espadrilles or the classic sneakers will be especially suitable for your feet.


Photo: Dress F299XAIAB313, Dress F580XAIIT223

Further advice for the perfect holiday

Whatever your vacation destination is, even for curvy fashion the advice is to dress in layers and pack a jacket or cardigan even if the place is warm. A valid piece of advice above all to defend yourself from air conditioning on the train or airplane and if the dress you have chosen leaves your shoulders uncovered.

Photo: Top F504XAI1214 | Jacket F299XAIGI331 | Trousers F747XAI400321

We look forward to seeing you at our Lizalù stores to show you the new 2019 spring/summer collectionand help create the perfect travel outfit for you!


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