Furnishing your Home in Style: The Trends for 2019

Furnishing  your Home in Style: The Trends for 2019

The Homifair in Milan, but also the Maison ed Objetfair in Paris and the Immfair in Cologne are among the most important fairs dedicated to home furnishings and design, and at the beginning of each year, they show the trends of the market. So, if you are thinking of redecorating your home, perhaps in view of spring, in this post we will reveal the latest trends. In particular, 2019 will be dedicated to eco-sustainability, pastel colors and the contrast between rustic and industrial.

The Pantone 2019, for example, is the Living Coral to look up to in order to revolutionize home furnishings: In fact, we curvy women love to distinguish ourselves not only for an original and ever-fashionable look, but also for the customization of every room in our house.

So let's have a look at the 2019 home furnishing trends ...

Monochrome and Neutral Tones: The Protagonists of the Bathroom and the Kitchen

Interior designers and designers have focused on bright colors for years, experimenting a new use of color. Today, on the other hand, trade shows show a return to soft tones, and color is a choice for truly courageous women.

Most of us women prefer to opt for monochrome in the bathroom and kitchen, adding a touch of color with the accessories and special details, which we can change over time following the latest trends in design.

Creating Mini Green Corners in the Heart of the Home

Having a small or large garden has always been the dream of many Italians and, if there is no other choice, a green corner can be created inside your house: potted plants, small flowered balconies and vertical gardens are also the protagonists of 2019. Tired from our working life and domestic commitments, we women know how important it is to devote time to our well-being, and the presence of plants and flowers has a strong anti-stress power.

A New "Rustrial" Style

The ancient passion for wood, in its rustic or Nordic version, combines perfectly with the industrial style, which has dominated trends in design for several years. The rustrial style is a perfect combination for giving warmth to your house, while concrete and other modern materials give a metropolitan style to the environment.

The Enhancement of the Living room

A beautiful living room remains the dream of all of us women for 2019 and at the center of interest is the sofa-table-carpet group, which lends itself to new experiments and furnishing ideas.

There is growing interest in Kalsarikӓnnit, a Finnish trend that takes inspiration from the intimate and cosy atmosphere of the home as the latest frontier of well-being.

The Bookcase is the Trendy Piece of Furniture for 2019

Today the bookcase is the true trendy object of home furnishings and it is enriched with new functions: It is an ideal headboard for the bed or as a partition wall between two rooms; so the bookcase allows you to furnish and show off your books at the same time. Not only.

A modern and stylish bookcase is the perfect place for objects, plants and souvenirs.

And how do you intend to redecorate your home for spring? What are the home furnishing trends you prefer? Tell us about everything!

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