The Trendy Makeup for Spring/Summer 2019

The Trendy Makeup for Spring/Summer 2019

Today, from the catwalks and fashion shows in London, New York and Milan, we want to present to you the hottest makeup trends for the 2019 spring/summer season.

The motto of all of us curvy women and those who are not will be to have a natural look, both in terms of hairstylings and haircuts as well as in the choice of our makeup.

The star of the makeup for the beautiful season will be natural makeup, which will glamorize your face as a whole making it look healthier: it’s a green light, therefore, for all the shades of beige and pink on the eyelids and cheeks, to acquire a ‘bonne mine’ look that really pleases everyone.

Tips for Eye Makeup

From the world of fashion, interesting nuances are proposed, such as pink and orange, perhaps in a delicately iridescent version that is able to light up your eyes by adapting to each and every complexion.

The color of the year will be precisely orange with chromatic effects based on earthy tones: sand, ochre, terracotta. If, on the other hand, you prefer the more classic colors, you can opt for a soft brown eye shadow, in the colors of clay and terracotta and that is to be applied to create a smokey eyes effect.

Your face will immediately recall the aromas of the undergrowth and the unique nuances of the desert, remaining imprinted on the mind.

You can apply eye shadow by creating slight undertones on the eyelid, thus making the shade you have chosen even more vibrant.

In 2019 also the line drawn with eyeliner gets longer, becoming thicker and giving a distinctive character to the face, with a "cat's eye" effect.

The Trendy Eye Makeup Among the Youngest

Those who are still young will love the metallic eyeshadows, with glitter and oleographic effects to be applied to your entire eyelid and which do not require experience in makeup, since the light and dark effect is already included in the texture.

You can choose between just one thin layer of color, to make your look immediately bright, or the application of more layers of eye shadow on your eyes until you get the intensity that you want.

Makeup Tips for the Lips

The trend of spring/summer 2019 is to enlarge your lips with brightly colored lipsticks, applied by a very expert hand.

If you want to glamorize your mouth, the suggestion is to leave your eyelids and cheeks without any makeup, in order to make this part of your body stand out like a spot of color on the white canvas of a painter.

The "No Makeup" Style for the Face

The most difficult task for us women is making our face look healthy and wholesome with an invisible makeup. You can achieve this result by playing with biscuit-colored earthy shades, illuminating in hues of pink and peach-colored blush, without creating color contrasts on your face.

It’s a green light also for sculpting, the makeup that highlights the cheekbones and that, combined with strobing, is now very fashionable for giving light to your face.

And which part of your face do you like to make up more? What are your favorite shades? Tell us about it in the comments!

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