Beauty secrets for curvy women: how to regenerate your skin

Beauty secrets for curvy women: how to regenerate your skin

Today we want you to discover the best modern products and the ancient secrets for regenerating your skin when you remove your make-up, since the beauty of a woman is seen also and above all by how she takes care of her face. Precisely this area of the body is subjected to continuous stress every day: atmospheric agents, pollution and a hectic life are likely to ruin facial skin.

Making up your face and removing your make-up every day with unsuitable or aggressive products leads to redness and annoying irritations, so today in our blog, we want to reveal some secrets to you so that you can keep your face young and beautiful at all times.

Traditional remedies: rose water

Our grandmothers and perhaps even our mothers used to cleanse, purify and tone their skin with rose water: an aqueous solution obtained from the infusion of the petals of this flower. This is a secret that curvy women and even those who are not, can "steal" to get an immediate improvement to the look of their facial skin.

Rose water, in fact, is still today an excellent remedy to calm small irritations or stinging facial skin caused by excessive cold or long exposure to the sun. In particular, it is indicated for those of you who have pale and thin facial skin, skin that is subject to dryness or chapping, but also other imperfections as well.

Maybe you do not know that in cosmetics every rose has particular properties and therefore, depending on the needs, we use one variety of this flower rather than another. An example?

The Gallic rose is perfect for creating a make-up remover for normal skins, given its natural moisturizing, refreshing and toning properties.

The ancient rose, on the other hand, is the basic ingredient of all of the products for dry, stressed skin that easily reddens, as this rose protects the facial skin from external elements such as cold, sun and wind.

The risks of an incorrect démaquillage

Surely, we curvy women love to take care of every part of our body, especially our face, and we love to have skin that is always well-taken care of and bright.

Eliminating make-up can be a rather difficult task if you have dry or delicate skin, especially if you use waterproof cosmetics, and therefore you have to choose the products to be used on your face carefully. Our suggestion is to focus on natural cleansers that do not contain alcohol, perfumes and other irritating agents. Getting back to rose water, for example, we must say that it is the ideal ingredient for products to be used in facial cleansing, and its naturally delicate and pleasant scent offers a pleasant effect that lasts over time.

Modern products to regenerate your facial skin every day

We know that each of us has different habits when it comes to removing the make-up from our eyes, lips and face: some of us love solutions involving a lotion, others like water or lighter detergents. Today we can find modern products on the market that meet all needs. Here are three proposals from which to choose the most suitable for you:

1. Water with micelles: very light and moisturizing, today it represents the natural evolution of the most traditional cleansing milk and it removes the make-up from your face in a few gestures, without the need to remove it after application;

2. The cleansing gel: ideal for those of you who love to wash your face with a great quantity of water; it allows you to regenerate your skin since, today the products on the market are not very foamy and are truly delicate;

3. Detergent wipes: perfect for women who are always on the go; they can be carried anywhere in your handbag or on your journeys so that you can remove the make-up from your face in a delicate way, even when you are away from home.

Do you have any other useful tips for removing make-up from your face? What products do you use? Tell us about them in your comments!

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