Full ahead with nail polish: the importance of the manicure for curvy women

Full ahead with nail polish: the importance of the manicure for curvy women

Men like curvy women for 6 reasons as we explained in this article and certainly they are very attentive to the appearance of every woman: One of the parts of the body on which the male eyes fall most are the hands and for this reason the manicure is really important to curvy women.

There are women who can show off a beautiful face, a prosperous bosom, thin ankles or a smocking hot B-side; others, like us, who know how to focus on our hands, always a means of communication, but not only that. Smooth hands are essential to make every woman glamorous, especially we curvy women, and spots, wrinkles and dry skin are definitely not a pretty sight for men.

Our partner or the person to be conquered will remain enraptured by a perfect manicure with stylish polished nails in good taste. With our hands, we introduce ourselves to others, and manicured nails are our best calling card, even if it is increasingly difficult to protect them from smog, detergents and aggressive soaps.

Before giving you some tips on the ideal curvy women's manicure, it is important to make your hands smooth by applying a good moisturizer every day: an action that takes us only 5 minutes, but it will defend this part of our body from cold, heat and water. We suggest you get a professional manicure at the beautician’s every 15 days; however, let's now take a look at the ideal nail polish for us!

So much joy and youthful hands with colorful nail polish

Why focus exclusively on red nail polish to attract the looks of those we like? We curvy women love to be eccentric and original in everything and we certainly will appreciate a fuchsia polish, able to immediately bring joy. More discreet personalities can, however, choose natural colors such as pink, dove-color and gray, while aggressive colors like blue, violets and black are not recommended with flashy rings.

Our suggestion is to choose an elegant and witty manicure, without overloading your nails and maintaining a medium length, which allows you to comfortably carry out every daily activity.

Manicure for curvy women: different nail polish for different men

A truly original type of research has shown how men love different colors of nail polish depending on their role at work: really interesting results to help decide which curvy women's manicure suits us best. Here are some examples.

Businessmen of a certain age prefer red varnished nails, typical of the “femme fatale”, who always shows herself with an impeccable make-up, well thought-out clothing and bright red lips and nails.

Sporty men, on the other hand, love simplicity and try to find in us, curvy women, short nails and delicate colors, that is a simple kind of manicure.

Finally, the very young appreciate special, colorful Nail Art: you better not show up on your first date with a transparent nail polish!

One final consideration: as for our look, even in the case of curvy women's manicure there are no rules, but only freedom for our imagination and creativity to conquer our partner and bring the man of our dreams to our feet.

We just have to wish you a ... full nail polish month!