Glamorize a curvy body: How to wear black trousers

Glamorize a curvy body: How to wear black trousers

Trousers are certainly not only an elegant feminine garment, but they are also a valuable ally to glamorizing our curvy bodies, as they immediately manage to create a tall, slim silhouette. A nice pair of black trousers as shown in the picture can balance the hips and thighs with the rest of the body giving the silhouette a slender, thin line.

In this post, we provide you with some tips for choosing the ideal pair of trousers for those of you with generous shapes, starting with the classic black trousers suitable for many day-time and also evening occasions. For example, the Fall / Winter 2018-2019 Collection proposes various garments that will satisfy the taste of even the most demanding woman, a woman who loves the style of practical clothing but does not want to give up being attractive and sensual.

Being curvy women means being cheerful, sexy and lovers of a good life, and we at Lizalù know this well: that is why the new Fall / Winter collection by Lizalù is comfortable, practical and functional just like us, women who love our fullness as it is just that fullness that makesus super feminine.

Surely, however, what we want from our outfit is to transform the waist into a strong point, perhaps choosing black high-waistedtrousers that do not tighten and lengthen our figure, combined with soft shirts and blouses, just like theoutfits you can see on our website and in this photo gallery:

(Insert selection of photos from the Fall / Winter collection 2018: 75_6042)

Whether you love the classic style with black trousers paired up with a white shirt and an elegant jacket, or you prefer a more sporty style with embroidered sweaters, blouses with loose shapes or comfortable sweatshirts, in our new collection you will surely find the garment thatis best suited to reflect your personality: unique and original, just like those of us who know how to smile at life every day.

Surely the winning secret to glamorizingyourself is being able to feel at ease on every occasion, to be proud of our curves and choose garments, such as those proposed by Lizalù, that are able to glamorize even the most generous forms, turning them into an expression of femininity and true beauty.

Discover our new online collection and comeand visit us in our stores to find out how to give glamour to your body and create numerous outfits to help you face the first cold weather.




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