The New Fall Winter Lizalù Collection is glittering!

The New Fall Winter Lizalù Collection is glittering!

The Lizalù collection is a tribute to the ‘70s.


If there is a decade that still today continues to influence the style of society and dictate 'rules' of fashion, it is that of the ‘70s.


It is recognizable and identifiable: the Doors and Pink Floyd were on the radio, Happy Days was on TV and you traveled around the world hitchhiking; the years of disco music, of Studio 54, when the colors of the TV were reflected in art, fashion and design.


In France, during the same years, the prototype of the aesthetic dimension was created, carried along by Yves Saint Laurent.

Freedom of expression spread in many areas: hippies looked for clothes in street markets and combined everything with a pinch of madness, a method that has now become a codified and defined way of dressing.


The evolution and the atmosphere of change that was experienced in those years, consequently modified the customs of the time.


Pacifist revolutions, student movements, sexual revolution, all rewrote a code that was quite far away from the classical norms.


The new 2018/2019 Fall Winter Collection aims at transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, highlighting the changes in women and proposing a comfortable, concrete and functional collection in a new way.


A determined woman who is confident in wearing a style that she feels belongs to her.




Precious materials and particular shapes, metal zippers in lurex and lamé, touches of sensuality with velvet and fur. Kimono dresses and woven fabrics, Diamond has a nocturnal allure, perfect for important occasions. There is no party without sequins, crystals and sparkles. A super feminine line that interprets the wishes of Lizalù women, dressing them with glamor and sensuality.




A French femininity that is sophisticated and simple at the same time, a prototype of elegance, charming and chic. Iconic charm that creates a new concept of beauty.

Bearing, "nonchalence" and unmistakable details are the keywords of the mood of these lines, all embellished with pure naturalness.

Polka dots, stripes and checks. The line has touches of colors such as gray, blue, burgundy and bright red.




Refined total looks, which reveal creative forms, precious colors, for a woman who wants to get into the game to become excited and amaze others.

Penetrating colors such as marsala, various shades of pink, even powder, the colors of the ground, curry, but also an intense green.

Shimmering fabrics, materials such as lurex and sequins give life to a strong collection and one of effect. Anachronistic prints that mix flowers, stripes and polka dots, a fanciful, versatile fusion, which denotes a strong identity. A comfortable, practical and functional silhouette, typical of a woman with a strong, free personality.




Flared models, practical for the woman who wears them. Even the denim models are comfortable, in a stretch fabric that accompanies the body and does not cramp it.




Geometric, captivating and multicolor profiles, diagonal lines that give movement and fluidity to the fabric that lets one imagine the body underneath, without revealing it. The range of colors in this line seems to come out of a typical apartment of the ‘70s apartment: cherry, peony and dust.


The new 2018/2019 fall winter collection is perfectly in line with the current thoughts of women. All of the items and models meet the multiple needs of women with generous curves.


All you have to do is try it!

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