Cibi da evitare in spiaggia

Cibi da evitare in spiaggia


Dear curvy friends, we are now in the middle of the summer and the long days on the beach are really the only thing we want to hear about. However, with the high temperatures and the scorching sun, there are a few small precautions you should take for the well-being of your health, such as keeping yourself hydrated, not exposing yourself too much to the scorching sun during the peakhours of heat and, above all, avoiding certain kinds of food.

Some foods are to be excluded from our diet during these periods of elevated temperature because our body, under high temperatures, undergoes strong changes and so we might feel tired or weak.

Here are some foods that all our curvy women (and not just them) should avoid during the days at the beach:


  1. FATTY MEAT: meats that are rich in fats should always be avoided. Given the difficulty in digesting it and its high salt content,which favors dehydration, this kind of meat is absolutely to be put aside during this period.


  1. FRIED FOOD:as with fat meats, fried food is difficult for our body to digest, especially in very hot weather. It is better to opt for something fresher and lighter.


  1. ALCOHOL: alcohol and, especially, spirits are to be avoided at all costs! These drinks increase body temperature and promote dehydration, becoming, perhaps, the worst enemies in the heat of the summer.


  1. PRE-COOKED MEALS: Pre-cooked meals might suffer bacterial contamination due to high temperatures, thus damaging the body.


      5.   ICE WATER: water and, more generally, iced drinks, might create congestion, thus blocking digestion. Pay attention to the temperature of your drinks!


  1. SUGARY DRINKS: sweetened commercial drinks give only a FALSE sensation of coolness. The high concentration of glucose, on the contrary, does nothing but favor the effect of dehydration.


  1. SPICES: spices, especially spicy foods, raise the body temperature and are therefore to be excluded in periods of very hot weather.

As you can see, there are many substances to avoid when you want to enjoy a beautiful and healthy day at the beach. Paying attention to these little tips, you’ll be able to tan your wonderful body without worrying about anything, and you’ll be able to acquire the olive color that everybody aims at without suffering any consequences.