Le 5 spiagge italiane più belle per l’estate 2018!

Le 5 spiagge italiane più belle per l’estate 2018!

The 5 most beautiful Italian beaches for summer 2018.

Choosing the destination for your summer holiday is never easy. There are always so many options to choose from and often, we prefer foreign destinations like Greece, Spain or Croatia without ever dwelling on what our beautiful country offers.

After suggesting how to wear and choose your perfect swimming suit for curvy fashion 2018, now we want to suggest the 5 best Italian beaches where you can show them off!


 1. Spiaggia dei Conigli (“The Rabbits’ beach”), Lampedusa.

Always considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, the “SpiaggiadeiConigli”on Lampedusa is undoubtedly a magical place and, even so, many Italians have never visited it or chosen it as their holiday destination by the sea. White sand and crystal clear water make this tropical-looking location a real paradise on earth that we recommend to all of you.


2. Tropea Beach, Tropea.

Among the most entertaining and majestic places in Calabria, the beach of Tropea is one of the marvels that attracts a large number of touristsevery year. Besides the beautiful beach, this place offers a very interesting night life with establishments on the beach, aperitifs andpicturesque views. On these occasions, it will be even more pleasant to show offyour curvy look andrelease your femininity.


 3. La Pelosa, Stintino.

Located in aless crowded area than that of the famous Palau, this part of Sardinia is the perfect combination of exclusivity and beauty. Near Stintino, this place offers, in addition to a beach and a sea with tropical colors, a lively, typically Sardinian lifestylemade of establishments by the sea and charming restaurants with a traditional cuisine. It will be very easy to wear and show off your most beautiful curvy fashionevening dresses at this place.


4. Cala Goloritze, Baunei.

We remain in Sardinia to talk about another little-known beach, but one that should not be underestimated for this;on the contrary! Famous for its 143-meter-high pinnacle, this majestic beach is a natural arch that will leave you literally breathless in the presence of the beauty of the nature surrounding this wonderful place in the province of Nuoro.


5. Cala Rossa Beach, Island of Favignana.

The beautiful island of Favignana is located on the west side of Sicily, a few kilometers from Trapani. We often think of the Aeolian islands as our Sicilian holiday destination, forgetting about this wonderful place. The tranquillity and beauty that this island offersare indescribable and, given the rather considerable size of it, there is the possibility to remainfor even longer periods. After a relaxing day at the beach in the wonderful waters of Cala Rossa beach, we suggest you take advantage of one of the many typical restaurants along the coast. Here it will be possible not only to delight your palate, but also to indulge in your fashionable curvy looks.

Choosing an Italian location as a destination for your summer holidays might be a considerably cheaper and more satisfying decision. You will be amazed at the beauty that our country offers and you can enjoy our famous nightlife. On these occasions you can wear the best that your curvy wardrobe can offer you and give vent to your femininity!