Horoscope Formay: Mothers shine like the stars of the Zodiac!

Horoscope Formay: Mothers shine like the stars of the Zodiac!

Each zodiac sign is a stand-alone mother, each sign has its own characteristic and lives its motherhood in its own way. Let's discover together how every woman reacts to the miracle of life.


Mothers born under the sign of Aries feel the need to give life as a mission.
You know how to be strong and loving mothers, capableof getting others to respect you, but you are alsocapable of nurturing passions in your little ones. Your need to transmit the importance of independence, of takingcareof oneselfand of resourcefulness is sacrosanct.
The advice we can give you for the coming weeks is an invitation to commit yourself to being more scrupulous and precise.


This is a decisive year for the curvymothers who were born under this sign of the zodiac: Taurus mothers, if you have a mind to do new things, do not hesitate to get involved. Thanks to the exaltation of the Moon (the planet of motherhood par excellence), the woman under the sign of Taurus can be one of the sweetest, most affectionate and tender mothers of the entire zodiac. Because she knows how to take care of her baby's emotions, but also because she knows how to cope with particularly lively or combative children.
Looking after your children is a mission: The cosmos authorizes you to dedicate yourself completely to what you love to do


Even if taking on new commitments costs you a lot, there is no need to get discouraged because you have the ability to find the best solutions to obtain the benefits you expect to get from any context.
Our advice is: insist on pleasure! Be hungry for joy! Focus on finding wonderful truths!
So,is there a mom that is more mom than this one? Probably not. Because the woman born under the sign of cancer is a womanwho is intimately and deeply linked to her childhood, to her motherhood, dimensions from which she never really detaches herself. Sheis aperfect,caringmother.


In your idea of being a mother, you put in all of your noble personality.
You need to protect and let your little ones express themselves, but you also need to feel proud of them.
The biggest challenge for you will be to accept them for what they are and not for what you would like them to be, respecting their identity and personality. For the next few weeks, our advice is that which comes from those who accompany you on this trip, your friends, your family. They are eager for more attention and will be happy to see your soul shine, letting themselves be inspired by you as well.


Your way of looking after your children is logical, attentive, rational. Nothing escapes your unbeatable attention, and you are constantly engaged in trying to really understand your little ones, eventoo much so; but be careful, curvy mothers born under the sign of Virgo, May and June are very useful months for those who are about to embark on this new project of being a mother. Therefore, we advise you to be selective and disciplined in feeding your soul’s desire to enjoy interesting freedom. If you show Saturn that you know how to use his blessings constructively, he will be inclined to make more presents in the future.


You know how to shine for the way you handle and look after your little ones. You know how to be loving, but at the same time authoritative, capable of transmitting the values and importance of good manners. The past will give you useful elements for your future in the coming weeks, you will be able to endeavourtouse old resources.


Being a strict and attentive mother,feelings and emotional tensionsurely are not lacking in you, and you know how to transmit them to your children. You will teach your children the importance of defense, of knowing how to manageand protect themselves from things and from people. You will probably feel a little under pressure or tired, but do not give up! In the second half of May there will be some changes, a real relief that will make you feel better.


You have solid and elegant foundations. Affectionate mothers who are capable of giving great attention. Above all, you like to be able to teach something important to your children, bring them up with an intelligent view towards life, but at the same time transmit to them your love for the world. You will not be oppressive mothers, on the contrary, you will leave large spaces to them and you will teach your children the value of freedom. You will go deep into things with style, focusing on the essential.


As a curvy mother who was born under the sign of Capricorn,it is likely that lately you have been feeling somewhat under pressure and upset, but now it's time to get a return match. Despite the fact that some problems are difficult to deal with, you are strong and you can overcome any difficulty without falling down.
True: you are certainly not champions of softness and, often, you are judgedas strict mothers, who give too much importance to rules and practicality. However, your realism tells you that you cannot fail (and above all) as a parent, because it is your precise duty to transmit the values you believe in;
However, this is a good time to discuss in detail the half-secrets that people hardly ever talk about. It is also a perfect time to load up with deep feelings and courageous tenderness situations that are suffering because of half-truths.


It is never easy to describe something to you and it is especially not easy to talk about a subject as delicate as that of motherhood. Eclectic and heterogeneous: Uranus makes you free and nonconformist, but Saturn instillsin you a love for rules. You know how to be communicative and intelligent, you tend to bring up your children as mature people.
In the coming weeks, do not miss out on taking advantage of the creative inspiration that will catch you in an apparently banal situation.



"My life was ruined by people who fell in love with me," a poet who was born under the sign of Pisces, Edna St. Vincent Millay,used to say. And it was true. Many loved her and she got into more trouble than she could handle. Fortunately, despite the attention you will raise, Pisces, you will have fewer problems than she had. I bet you will know how to take advantage of the situation without being overwhelmed by the hiddendangers.
Thanks to the beautiful exaltation of Venus, you will know how to be champions of sweetness, able to love, confirming your reputation as nutritious, extremely sensitive mothers who are extremely generous with your little ones.
From May 14th, there will be important changes in store, also for those who were born under the sign. A new astrological condition is expected to appear.
Together with a Pisces mother everything becomes magical and colorful, boredom will be only an abstract concept.