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Dec 20 2019
Choose the right outfit
Dec 20 2019
The perfect outfit for these holidays
Dec 06 2019

Icons of Style for Curvy Girls: Sophia Loren

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Is there anything people do not know about Sophia Loren? A diva to the bone, both for her biography, which resembles the plot of one of the films she starred in, and for her brilliant film career full of recognitions, up to her private life as the wife of producer Carlo Ponti, mother of the orchestra director Carlo Ponti Jr and the director Edoardo, as well as the object of desire of colleagues and generations of fans.
Nov 20 2019
Ci sono una serie di storie intorno all’origine del BLACK FRIDAY, ma i semplici fatti si riducono a due: è il giorno dopo il Ringraziamento e in molti stati americani (la California, per esempio) è un giorno di festa per gli impiegati statali e le scuole
Oct 23 2019
We curvy women also love to be noticed at ceremonies and on special occasions, whether it is the première at the theater or the inauguration of an exhibition or a new venue.
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