The time has come for the swimsuit test: 2018 Summer Curvy Fashion

The time has come for the swimsuit test: 2018 Summer Curvy Fashion

Here are some tips for choosing the right swimsuit for you.

The swimsuit test is one of the most difficult tests to face with the arrival of summer.
A one-piece swimsuit can be the best ally to hide some little imperfections, without giving up the tan: it is the one-piece fashionable model by 2018 Summer Curvy Fashion.
We need to learn how to enhance our best body features by diverting attention from the areas we like least. Are you aware of your strongest body features?

How do you choose the right style for your body?
Here are some tips to help you find the best fitting swimsuit on the market and feel beautiful and relaxed under the summer sun.

Do you have abundant breasts?
Then you should focus on shaping swimsuits, to ensure the right support for your curves. For this purpose, an underwire is a must, even better if paired with slightly preformed cups.
Swimsuits crossed at the breasts enhance your strength feature.Swimsuits with straps too thin should be avoided as while diving into the water you could risk unpleasant accidents. On the other hand, swimsuits with wide shoulder straps better support your cleavage, and at the same time contain the upper back, thus preventing unsightly fat rolls.

Do you have small breasts?
Who has little breast can dare wearing vertiginous necklines, openings and elaborate details and still maintain a classy look. Go ahead with thin straps and do not forget that preformed or padded cups can give you a little more volume. Let’s welcome tropical patterns, bright colors and applications: flowers, ruffles, beads, etc. In this case, the triangle top is essential and sensual.

Do you have a big b-side?
Look for a model that covers your bottom.
For the color is important to choose swimsuits with the lower part in a solid colour and the a multicoloured upper one thus drawing attention away from the bottom. Ribbed or gathered styles are to be avoided. 

Did you grow a bit of a belly?
Have you accumulated a few extra pounds around the navel?
The best option is a costume draped over your tummy and which falls smoothly on your hips, to stay on the subject of curvy fashion summer 2018.
Even in this case, enhancing décolleté can make the difference. Yes to shaping models, which combine multiple layers. At the ban, thin straps and high cut leg opening that highlight the abdomen.
Even pregnant women have a good reason to cover their tummy, if only for functional purposes, protecting it from the sun. If you are pregnant, you could try the tankini: a fake one piece swimsuit that is  bottom and a tank top, practical solution, comfortable to take off and fashionable. The tankini is also a very valid alternative for those with a bit of belly.

Do you have thin legs?
Choose smooth one piece swimsuits with high cut leg oprnings. Do you remember Baywatch's Pamela Anderson with their plain-colored outfits? This is the example you should follow.
Your figure can be rebalanced and harmonized, playing with the swimsuit shoulder straps. Choose a off the shoulders model with straps to appear flawless: it will help to make the shoulders look more proportionate to the hips.

One last tip for all on curvy fashion summer 2018: contrasts are winners on fair complexions, tanned skins instead are enhanced by light hues and shaded nuances.