Mascara: instructions for use and for appeal

The eyes speak more than a thousand words: they stare, they smile, they fascinate, they strike and, you know, they do not lie.

Havingthick, long eyelashes with extra volume is not a dream now: small and precious daily beauty-care remedies allow you to apply the beloved mascaraperfectly.

Fashion shows, events and fashion shootings, the MUAs around the world,give you tips and provide you withsecrets via social media, magazines and web portals, revealing trends and unresistable diktatsto get to know.

LIZALÙ is by your side in front of the mirror, where you,gazingat yourself wearing clothes and accessoriesfrom the New SS/18 Collection,you will be delighted withyourself forthe brightness and femininity you emanate... above all throughyoureyes!

The zig-zag spread is the most linear and visually striking, try it to believe it: eyes and chin down, placing the mascara on the upper lashes, first horizontally, then vertically, until you lift up the eyebrow arch with the index finger of your free hand and make a wide fan-like opening.

At this point, it would be ideal to make fast movements from the roots out to the extremities taking care to wrap thelashes from the root, dwelling on thezigzag to give thickness and greater volume.

One of the most common practices, even for normal automatism: the mascara application starts from the rootsand continues out to the extremities, with a slight pressurein order to favor arching and volume, and you can repeat this 3/4 times with slow, even cycles.

The mechanism on the lower lashes is identical, only with less pressure using a light and instant touch.

With the P / E LIZALU'SS/18, the curvy women feel a strong spirit of renovation, a desire to launchthemselves headlong into projects, to seize unmissable outdoor opportunities.

The must-haves are cool and alwaysreadyto change their wardrobe, so you can only coordinate makeup & wigs as well in this incredible phase of aesthetic restyling!

Be aware of your allure, sure of the elegance and the savoir faire that naturally characterize movements and personalities. Scrutinize, glance around, "shoot a look" of complicity and, why not, wink at the novelties!

Daring will increase self-confidence and mastery of body shapes, affecting good moods and expressions of the eyes, enthusiastic and serene.

For exclusive results, never forget an eyelash comb before applying mascara: the hard bristles will eliminate any clumps formed by makeup residues or excessive secretion of the eyes during the night.

And what about the dreaded eyelash curlers? It can’t be emphasized enough how these marvelous tools give a magical value to the look in your eyes, provided that they are not abused because they can weaken it. Hydrating is the key word, at least twice a day with castor oil.

A separate chapter for waterproof mascaras, durable and suitable for the pool or gym without smudging.

And you, dear Lizalù-lovers, are you aware of the immense power of your gaze?!