Preview SS 18 - Creative Interweaving and Urban Romance!

Preview SS 18 - Creative Interweaving and Urban Romance!

An explosion of freshness and colorswith lively and enveloping intensity that makes us long for the arrival of the warm season!

The Spring/Summer 2018 LIZALU’ Collection boasts many fascinating and feminine nuances that emphasize asymmetric lengths and soft silhouettes, strong and resolute clothing for the most daring and modern women.

Models designed for versatility and flexibility to change every day: always new opportunities to don clothes, as well as unique identities and needs.

There is desire for new patterns and innovative and brilliant ideas that hide the search for evolutions according to the wishes of curvy women: the brand reinvents the rules of the plus style with femmefataleinfluences, precious details, glam-chic looks and strong notes.

Our Fashion Design team has interpreted distinct and multifaceted moods that respond to a single motto:It’stimeforrevolution!Free to be, wear and appear without following the masses, but to preserve always one’s beauty and personality.

From morning to leisure time, from evening to night, curvy forms are enhanced and take on colorful glares: the Lizalù-addictedbecome elegant,seducing and bold icons, who mix classical-vintage elements with avant-garde finishing touches.

Multiple facets, contradictions and emotions: the feminine universe is stupendously wide and cross-cutting and can satisfy any fashion demand, engendering creativity, instinct and geniality!

The proposals for the months ahead subvert all aesthetic canons, in a triumph of forms, prints and bright nuances, a slow magnetic parade in a pastel open-air garden rich in flower decor. The wardrobe is the absolute stage protagonist: modern artwork, bold contrasts and mix&match with generous and sinuous lines.

You are not allowed to go unnoticed; therefore, memorize these little inputs and reinterpret them as you wish, playing with the Lizalù Spring/Summer 2018 Preview:

Balance, softness and serenity: relaxed and natural outfits which find the perfect balance between minimalism and oversize sophistication.
Romantic and passionate heroines go for fuchsia, beige, ruches andchiffon.

Eclectic and bold easy-wear, with exotic, surreal and psychedelic brush strokes, in addition to timeless royal blue and coral red.
Luscious bouquets for blouses and dresses, with vitality and care-free attitude.

Black&White anywhere and anytime: to be sensual, rock-fashionand, at time, Bohemian, opting for laces, frills and transparent elements. Deep cuts, enamel red and provocative neckline complete and strengthen the appeal!

Cheerfulness, young and sporty spirit:to be dynamic today means being cool!
Stripesonstripes, Sicilian ice green, Mimosa tree yellow and tobacco bring to mind the scent of blooming meadows, while blue conveys the taste of summer.

The most authentic, sophisticated and evergreen style: black sheath dresses, large-bottom pants and blazers with oversize cuts, in the name of essentiality and candor.

Sparkles, sequins and pleats, may Spring kick off more sparkling and radiant than ever!