Because cooking is good and satisfies heart, head and ... palate!

Cooking is an art, a pleasure to be shared and absolutely priceless.

According to the latest social statistics, it regenerates the spirit, illuminates the senses and unleashes a good mood like nothing else can: it is a riot of positive sensations, enthralling enthusiasm and desire to be able to achieve - good skills permitting! - appealing and delicious dishes that soothe both sight and taste buds!

In short, a hobby to test, try and try again until you can praise its consolidated effectiveness. 

Cooking is a joyful activity, which brings fulfillment and joy. It makes us and all those who are with us feel good, most of all, partners or friends who will have the good fortune to taste our dishes during lunch and dinner reunions.

 To be able to devote patient and continuous time in our beloved kitchen, at least something between 40 and 60 minutes, not only enriches and fortifies interpersonal relationships, but, above all, makes people relax and have fun together, encouraging smiles and endless chats. 

Constantly occupied by the frenzy of the routine outside our home, which women, deep down, would not want to enjoy more often the serenity and comfort of their habitat?! It is difficult to state otherwise, if only for the intrinsic beauty hidden behind the simple thought of the couch-break-tranquility trinomial.

In a historical moment that is hyper-stressful and often tiring in many respects, as soon as we have the chance, we love taking care of ourselves and those who appreciate our culinary skills.

A passion in incredible ascent, to the point that we just have to shake our mobile phone to realize that we are not alone: ​​the dissemination of aspiring chefs, food bloggers, influencers & food and wine critics knows no bounds, involving and raising curiosity and insights of the trade.

A tablet, a #foodoriented App is enough and the video is served: a few moves, a variety of interests and many - and tasty - final results. Of course, for good or bad, feedback from the participating public is assured.

Experimenting with recipes, improvising cooking classes and eventually eating together around the same table seem like trivial actions that, in reality, are full of meaning, since they aim to share in the beauty and amazement of conviviality: knowledge, unforgettable back stories, unforgettable memories that unite and often facilitate continuation of friendships and deep loves.

Ironic and delicious dynamics are triggered among frying pans, pots and blenders, to catalyze mutual glances and encourage cooperation, without rivalry or character to leadership.

We all feel a bit young - great master chef in the making, almost scrutinized by the lens of a hidden camera and the harsh eye of an expert judge a la Cannavacciuolo. Appetizers, first and second courses and exquisite desserts: in the kitchen, it takes imagination, precision and character for learning, even more if you are in a group.

In any context, the important thing is to feel at home, ready to collaborate and engage in exciting challenges: it is an exchange of experiences, points of view, tastes and discoveries that are always new. 

So, cooking sessions and teams at the stove are welcome!

Dear Lizalù-lovers let go of stupid feelings of guilt and indulge in eggplant parmesan, lasagna and tiramisù in abundance and prepared with your own hands ... with due balance, of course, but always remembering your guests, and, above all, your best friends and best tasters!