The Lizalù horoscope: 2018 Body Positivity

The Lizalù horoscope: 2018 Body Positivity

Did you know that every zodiac sign has its own character and, as a result, it engenders a particular style?

2018 will be body positivity for each zodiac sign, prepared to face in the best way the challenges that the new year reserves for all of us.

Aries: in 2018 you could get rich more quickly, you will experience the most positive and profound emotions, deriving from your emotional intelligence. Between mind and heart, this time you will have to choose the first one and do not lose sight of your real goals. You will win, if you know how to use all the positive energy you need.

Taurus: the invitation is to speed up the dissolution of old waste and eliminate worn-out clothes from your wardrobe. This is definitely a metaphor, because in addition to cleaning your closet, it would not be a bad idea to do the same with your own life. Therefore, prepare and begin to become familiar with what is new and dynamic, leaving old habits behind.

Gemini: are you hungrier than usual during this period? Perhaps your body is compensating for lack of relationships. Your soul is hungry for particular kind of love it cannot find. Prepare yourself for the upcoming year, by looking for experiences that can satisfy your ego, concentrating on the deepest and most ardent desires that your soul dreams of though cannot find.

Cancer: determination and concreteness with an eye towards growth. In 2018 you will be better able to establish spaces and times for everything, in the right way. You might also be inspired by experiences that are not entirely positive.

Leo: prepare to make peace with the past! To solve everything in the best way, it is best that you follow these three tips: do you know the rain dance? You should perform a similar ritual to dissolve that tormenting memory like a cloud; bring to completion that task you left behind; reopen your dream box you gave up too early and do everything in your power to make your dreams come true.

Virgo: It's a good time for you, Virgo! You can dig into the past and rediscover your roots, until you get to the foundations to strengthen them. What will you do, Virgo? Will you come up with theories to conquer the world? Probably not, but you will have the ability to rework the past, giving new life to traditions that have fueled your soul.

Libra: astral omens suggest that you will have to make long-term promises, repeat these concepts within yourself: I will cultivate openness and humility; I will find satisfaction within myself; I will accept the consequences of my actions, for better or for worse; I will not worry about what people say about me; I will not ask questions that provide uncomfortable answers.

Scorpio: like Mr. Wolf in Pulp Fiction, you should commit yourself to solving problems, not just discussing them. Do not waste energy to question and analyze arising difficulties,  imagining solutions that do not match with consequential actions. Astral omens have been lenient for next year; for this reason, I invite you to investigate and describe a problem more than you usually do. Perhaps it will be enough to talk about it to untangle the threads.

Sagittarius: invent a way to welcome the new year with a bang, because soon it will be time to travel, if not physically, at least mentally. A good auspice ceremony is therefore what you need before your adventure, because you will live intense and happy experiences, keeping in mind that what matters most is the path that led us to the goal.

Capricorn: your growth process is exponential. Time and space will be full of good energy. A revolution will bring you exactly what you want to invade your life.

Aquarius: unexpected surprises. Get ready to welcome them, as if what you always wanted was right there, around the corner, though you keep going around it. Wait increases desire, but suddenly it's up to you and the opportunity will come sooner than you think.

Pisces: live the present without looking into past or future. The stars say that at this moment everything is perfectly aligned with what makes you feel good. Caparezza’s new single repeats in its chorus: “you have to do what is good for you”. And you're doing it perfectly. A little healthy selfishness will lead to you to making the best choices for everyone. Enjoy the freedom that this fortunate period offers you, even if it is hard to believe, without asking too many questions.

Advice for all: imagine to meet a person after a year, what would you say?

Now that you have read the horoscope for 2018, you are ready to enjoy the surprises in store in the New Year!