About Cookies

Privacy director recognized an European directive which imposes to website administrators to show to visitors a banner which informs about cookie policy of the website they are visiting and to subordinate its acceptance to continue the navigation. If you want more info contact us to info@lizalu.it. Here you can find descriptions of the ways in which personal information are received and recollected as well as used by www.lizalu.it. For this reason, cookies which are textual files, are used to facilitate user’s navigation. 

  1. What is a cookie?
    Cookies are pieces of information that a website puts on your computer when you visit a website, and usually, involve the transmission of information from the website to your device and viceversa.
  1. What are they for?
    Website servers set cookies to help authenticate the user if he logs in to a secure area of the website. Login information is stored in a cookie so the user can enter and leave the website without having to re-enter the same authentication information over and over.
  1. What are technical cookies?
    So called “technical cookies” allow you to navigate and to facilitate the log in as well as website’s fruition. Technical cookies are essential for example to login to Google or to Facebook without having to login every session. Even in high delicate home banking operations or in credit card payments, technical cookies are important.
  1. Are analytical cookies technical ones?
    These cookies can be considered technical cookies only if they are used by website owner to optimize it. He can recollect information in an aggregated form thanks to users’ number and to the way in which they visit the website. To these conditions, analytic cookies have the same use of technical ones.
  1. What are profiling cookies?
    These are cookies used to trace user’s navigation in order to create profiles following his tastes, interests and research. For instance, advertising banners related to items which you have already searched for. Profiling cookies show you the most pertinent ads.
  1. Is it necessary user’s consensus to install cookie on his terminal?
    To install technical cookies it is not indispensable user’s consensus. On contrary, profiling cookies need it.
  1. How can webmaster ask for consensus?
    When users enter a website it appears a banner which contains a short information, which is a consensus request and a more extended one as the banner that is visible on this page which explains what profiling cookies are and their use on this website.
  1. How can banner be realized?
    Banner must be conceived to conceal a part of the page’s content and to specify that the website uses profiling cookie of third parts. Only one active action of the user ought to delete banner.
  1. What type of indications must banner contain?
    Banner must contain a short information that is the link to the extended one and the button to give consensus to profiling cookies’ use.
  1. How can documentation of consensus on the cookies’ use be maintained?
    It can be used a technical cookie which factors in user’s consensus to permit him not to express it again.
  2. Is banner the only way to have user’s consensus?
    No, it isn’t. it is possible to use other systems provided that the one which is founded has the same requirements. Banner’s use is not necessary for websites which use only technical cookies.
  1. What must be inserted in the most extended informative page?
    It must be illustrated the characteristics of cookies installed by third parts. It must be indicated to user the ways in which he has to navigate without tracing his preferences. He can navigate incognito and cancel the single cookie.
  1. Who has to inform Director of the use of profiling cookies?
    Website owner has this obligation. If in his website he uses only third part profiling cookies he has not to inform director but has to indicate what these cookies are and the link to regarding info.
  1. When will this normative become law?
    The deadline is 2 June 2015.


File of log: this website uses files of log. It registers the chronology of operations which are done little by little.

The information contained in the file of register has address IP, as browser Internet Service Provider (ISP), date, time, entry and exit pages and the number of clicks. This is done to analyze tendencies, to manage the website, to control user’s movements in the website and collect demographic data, address IP and more information. These data are not attributable to user’s identity.

Facebook cookies: this website has some Facebook plugin which can trace readers’ behavior. To have more info consult the page for Facebook Privacy Policy. 

As it was said before, analytic cookies are considered technical cookies if they are used only to optimize the site and if user’s IP are anonymous. We inform users that this website uses Google Analitics’ free service. Data are used only to have information of the most visited pages, the number of visitors, aggregated data of visits per operative system, per browser, etc. These parameters are achieved in Google’s server which regulates Privacy according to these lines. Users can cut Google Analytics during the navigation using the available additional component for Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer, Opera and Safari.


-deleted singularly cookies per each domain
-hide research
-regulate settings of Google’s ads


A navigation without using technical and profiling cookies is possible thank to navigation incognito which is done by every important browser.
More information on cookies’ greyout on Firefox, in English