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  • Valentine's Day Special!

    Valentine's Day Special!

    ROMANTIC IDEAS & ESCAPES - Romantic journeys looking for inspiration Whether you are ready or not to celebrate it, February 14 is on the horizon and the calendar is ready to...

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    Because cooking is good and satisfies heart, head and ... palate! Cooking is an art, a pleasure to be shared and absolutely priceless.

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  • Quanto costa regalare un sorriso?

    Quanto costa regalare un sorriso?

    Quanto costa regalare un sorriso? È questo che si è chiesto l’imprenditore Michele Carillo quando il Dottor Agostino Ambrosio, quasi per scherzo gli chiede di portare lui...

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  • The Lizalù horoscope: 2018 Body Positivity

    The Lizalù horoscope: 2018 Body Positivity

    Did you know that every zodiac sign has its own character and, as a result, it engenders a particular style? 2018 will be body positivity for each zodiac sign, prepared to face...

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  • How to dress at Christmas? Let yourself be conquered by the Lizalù style!

    How to dress at Christmas? Let yourself be...

    Ecco qualche idea sull’outfit perfetto per le diverse occasioni di queste feste, in linea con le tendenze della moda inverno 2018. In compagnia di amici, familiari o in coppia,...

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  • Matcha's Incredible Power

    Matcha's Incredible Power

    Belle dentro & fuori grazie alla bevanda del momento! Tutte ne parlano, tutte lo vogliono, tutte…o quasi lo bevono. Quali sono le portentose proprietà del the matcha?

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    MAKE UP Fall-Winter 17/18 THE ESSENCE OF...

    Precious secrets for the trendiest beauty cases Color, brightness, glow: these are the levers defined by make-up artists and designers around the world for winter 2018.

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    Per un inverno firmato Lizalù affascinante e avvolgente più che mai!E’ inutile negarlo, ma ogni settembre che si rispetti, al rientro dalle vacanze, le donne si concentrano...

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  • Tropical Inspiration: Fuchsia Flamingos

    Tropical Inspiration: Fuchsia Flamingos

    From wall paper, to inflatables at the beach and the pool, all the way to accessories and PJ’s. Everything Chiara Ferragni photographs or wears becomes the trend of the moment....

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  • Special style tips for curvy girls: glamour suggestions for summer

    Special style tips for curvy girls: glamour...

    Qual è il summer look delle ragazze curvy? Ecco alcuni suggerimenti per trovare i tagli e le forme dello stile perfetto per voi.

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    By now it can no longer be denied: curvy women are liked more!By swaying their soft and provocative hips, curvy women appear fascinating, intriguing and sensual simply...

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  • Impeccabilmente Mamma!

    Impeccabilmente Mamma!

    Fascinose, squisitamente esigenti, moderatamente modaiole e sempre al top.Ovunque e comunque, sono così perfette da far invidia a qualsiasi figlia nella speranza...

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  • Happy Easter Fashion!

    Happy Easter Fashion!

    Dazzling and super glamorous: the best outfits for Easter A splash in crystal-clear ocean waters, surrounded by tropical plants and vibrant exotic flowers: the Spring/Summer...

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  • Ageless Haircuts

    Ageless Haircuts

    Spring Trends with Brush Strokes Whether you just blow-dry, cut or color your hair, women love to take care of their hair, better yet if they entrust their hair care to the...

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  • 14 February in love

    14 February in love

    Celebrating love: great ideas for two With reminders, sticky notes, and highlighted lines in your day planner you just cannot forget it: Valentine’s Day is on its way, and...

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  • Food & Beauty

    Food & Beauty

    I cibi più buoni per essere sempre più belle Creme leviganti, rimpolpanti, maschere tonificanti, gommage e peeling purificanti, senza contare massaggi, aiutini estetici e detox...

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  • Feng Shui: consigli esclusivi per arredare casa

    Feng Shui: consigli esclusivi per arredare casa

    Creating comfort and pleasant environments in your home is today an absolute must. Like impeccable interiordesigners,women are insanely in love with shopping for home decor...

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  • Lizalù Christmas Partywear

    Lizalù Christmas Partywear

    The most beautiful looks to toast the Holidays With the arrival of December, the Christmas atmosphere is in every corner of the city: sparkling decorations, glowing store...

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  • Winter is time for cuddling & relaxing

    Winter is time for cuddling & relaxing

    Time off to relax and pamper oneself Super busy schedules, morning madness, appointments & never-ending to-do lists, and, again, commitments, shopping to complete and days in...

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  • fall/winter 2016/2017 make up trends

    fall/winter 2016/2017 make up trends

    Eye shadows, lip glosses & painted nails: small secrets for your winter beauty case Ultra-feminine nuances, bright colors in the name of seduction, bronzing powders and...

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