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  • Happy Easter Fashion!

    Happy Easter Fashion!

    Dazzling and super glamorous: the best outfits for Easter A splash in crystal-clear ocean waters, surrounded by tropical plants and vibrant exotic flowers: the Spring/Summer...

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  • Ageless Haircuts

    Ageless Haircuts

    Spring Trends with Brush Strokes Whether you just blow-dry, cut or color your hair, women love to take care of their hair, better yet if they entrust their hair care to the...

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  • 14 February in love

    14 February in love

    Celebrating love: great ideas for two With reminders, sticky notes, and highlighted lines in your day planner you just cannot forget it: Valentine’s Day is on its way, and...

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  • Food & Beauty

    Food & Beauty

    I cibi più buoni per essere sempre più belle Creme leviganti, rimpolpanti, maschere tonificanti, gommage e peeling purificanti, senza contare massaggi, aiutini estetici e detox...

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  • Feng Shui: consigli esclusivi per arredare casa

    Feng Shui: consigli esclusivi per arredare casa

    Creating comfort and pleasant environments in your home is today an absolute must. Like impeccable interiordesigners,women are insanely in love with shopping for home decor...

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  • Lizalù Christmas Partywear

    Lizalù Christmas Partywear

    The most beautiful looks to toast the Holidays With the arrival of December, the Christmas atmosphere is in every corner of the city: sparkling decorations, glowing store...

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  • Winter is time for cuddling & relaxing

    Winter is time for cuddling & relaxing

    Time off to relax and pamper oneself Super busy schedules, morning madness, appointments & never-ending to-do lists, and, again, commitments, shopping to complete and days in...

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  • fall/winter 2016/2017 make up trends

    fall/winter 2016/2017 make up trends

    Eye shadows, lip glosses & painted nails: small secrets for your winter beauty case Ultra-feminine nuances, bright colors in the name of seduction, bronzing powders and...

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  • Fall weekend: Barcelona

    Fall weekend: Barcelona

    For the untiring globetrotters always on the go, we propose a full immersion in one of the most exciting and dynamic cities in the world. Architecture, food, fashion, style,...

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  • New FW 16/17 Trends

    New FW 16/17 Trends

    For a more glamorous winter than you’ve ever experienced before, flaunt your inner lady: You’re gorgeous; love yourself! Aperitifs on the beach, sunset-dappled waves and that...

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  • Summer Food

    Summer Food

    For a magnificent, fresh …. and tasty summer! It’s useless to lie: eating is one of life’s best pleasures....

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  • A long weekend in Madrid

    A long weekend in Madrid

    Special addresses for women’s shopping Just like in Thelma & Louise, a mini-vacation with your best friend seems a wonderful idea.

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  • Waiting for the summer

    Waiting for the summer

    Women’s beauty in a haircut Seasonal change always marks a turning point: the sun brightens each day, our skin assumes an amber tone, we feel good and care-free... .as we...

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  • Wear perfume where you would like to be hugged

    Wear perfume where you would like to be hugged

    For women who like to follow the advice of the unforgettable Coco Chanel, we reveal secrets to choose the right perfume. Each perfume has a different identity based upon those...

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  • Spring Bag Issue

    Spring Bag Issue

    Cult bags for Spring/Summer 2016 The accessories for the new season evoke vintage suggestions and not-to-be-missed trends dedicated to all fashionistas committed to fashion’s...

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  • Make Up Short guide

    Make Up Short guide

    How to be beautiful without excesses…and without oooops! To put make up on is a true art, and only a few women can skilfully use brushes, lipsticks and colours.

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  • Home & Shopping

    Home & Shopping

    From the comfort of your chair, 24/7 At a time when speed reigns supreme and free time is a precious commodity, shopping is becoming a luxury. To compensate for lack of window...

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  • Women's lifestyle in Milan

    Women's lifestyle in Milan

    Special places in the city to celebrate femininity A cool metropolis always at the forefront, Milan offers places where stylish women can have fun with their friends and parade...

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  • Spring preview

    Spring preview

    Not-to-miss trends of the upcoming seasonSea, sun, fluttering dresses, sandals, denim jackets and – above all – sun tanning: women can’t wait for the warm season’s arrival...

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  • Avocado - What passion!

    Avocado - What passion!

    We could call avocado a powerfully beneficial and delicious super fruit. Perhaps our travelling ladies may have tasted it during a trip to the Caribbean, with salmon and...

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