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  • Wear perfume where you would like to be hugged

    Wear perfume where you would like to be hugged

    For women who like to follow the advice of the unforgettable Coco Chanel, we reveal secrets to choose the right perfume. Each perfume has a different identity based upon those...

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  • Spring Bag Issue

    Spring Bag Issue

    Cult bags for Spring/Summer 2016 The accessories for the new season evoke vintage suggestions and not-to-be-missed trends dedicated to all fashionistas committed to fashion’s...

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  • Make Up Short guide

    Make Up Short guide

    How to be beautiful without excesses…and without oooops! To put make up on is a true art, and only a few women can skilfully use brushes, lipsticks and colours.

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  • Home & Shopping

    Home & Shopping

    From the comfort of your chair, 24/7 At a time when speed reigns supreme and free time is a precious commodity, shopping is becoming a luxury. To compensate for lack of window...

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  • Women's lifestyle in Milan

    Women's lifestyle in Milan

    Special places in the city to celebrate femininity A cool metropolis always at the forefront, Milan offers places where stylish women can have fun with their friends and parade...

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  • Spring preview

    Spring preview

    Not-to-miss trends of the upcoming season Sea, sun, fluttering dresses, sandals, denim jackets and – above all – sun tanning: women can’t wait for the warm season’s arrival...

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  • Avocado - What passion!

    Avocado - What passion!

    We could call avocado a powerfully beneficial and delicious super fruit. Perhaps our travelling ladies may have tasted it during a trip to the Caribbean, with salmon and...

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  • Barbie revolutionizes body measurements and goes “curvy”

    Barbie revolutionizes body measurements and...

    The world’s best known doll changes her looks and, for the first time in history, does so in tune with feminine beauty’s canons: 33 new dolls available in different skin tones,...

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  • The charm of curves in stardom

    The charm of curves in stardom

    Softly feminine, proudly seductive. 2016 begins with surprising news for all women who declared war on the scale: super skinny gals step aside, as of today the Miss Beautiful...

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  • Packs to nourish your hair

    Packs to nourish your hair

    Alla ricerca di prodotti all’ultimo grido e tagli di tendenza ispirate alle fashion celebrities d’Oltreoceano, noi donne talvolta dimentichiamo che il Salone Beauty più...

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  • How to be elegant and impeccable during the holidays

    How to be elegant and impeccable during the...

    Essential suggestions for the year’s most glittering nights Sequins, gold, red, silver and, naturally, lots and lots of black, ever so alluring and sophisticated, even more so...

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  • The boutiques of london’s most secret vintage fashion

    The boutiques of london’s most secret vintage...

    Se si avessero soltanto 48h per un viaggio nella bellissima capitale britannica, non bisognerebbe mai rientrare in Italia senza un mini-tour tra gli store simbolo del vintage e...

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